Below are some of the compliments we have received from our wonderful patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care.

"You know what needs to be done and how to do it. The drive from Colorado Springs to have you fix my mouth is worth every mile! My dentist said your work is amazing and it's wonderful to see the results of someone who loves his work and is good at it. He wants you to open a satellite office in the Springs. He can keep you very busy."
Cathy van Diemen

"When we came in, I was impressed with the page where they check in. It makes the kids feel like they belong and they own the place."
Cheryl Greenhow

"I really appreciate the way Dr. Proietti has communicated with our family dentist in regards to Ryan's teeth. The two Dr.'s have worked together for a smooth transition to his braces. Baby teeth were pulled by our family dentist and holding arches were put in place by Dr. Proietti and the two worked together very well. Ryan's braces will be on for a considerable less time with the foundation these two Dr.'s have laid for our son. The treatment now is much different than when I had braces back in the 80's. Thank you very much for all you do for orthodontics."
Sean Crocker

"My mother-in-law asked if I got my teeth capped. I told her no, I got my teeth straightened. And I love the way they look."
Linda Held

"Dr. Proietti's office is the most welcoming, comfortable place to be. He and his staff really go out of their way to make it pleasant to come for appointments."
Lorna Devereux

"Every time I look in the mirror at my teeth, I think... you're a genius, Dr. Proietti!"
Kellye DePorte